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Kettlegirls Testimonials:

I never used to enjoy exercise. A number of people in my family love running and athletics but I was one of those who always tried any excuse to get out of PE at school! I have joined gyms in the past and tried some classes but I never stuck to anything and certainly didn’t enjoy it. That is……until I discovered Kettlegirls. I saw a banner on the Whyteleafe roundabout about 3 and a half years ago and went along to one of the taster sessions…….I’ve never looked back. I started off by going to one class a week but I quickly started to enjoy it so much that I decided to up this to two classes a week. I started to see real results very quickly and was even beginning to get comments about how toned my arms were! Comments like that just spurred me on. I also realized that I was actually quite good at it and just wanted to keep improving.  I’ve become so much more body confident since joining Kettlegirls and exercise is now a really important part of my life. I feel like I’m the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been. I have bought my own set of kettlebells and try to do at least one or two sessions at home during the week to supplement the classes. All of my friends know not to organize anything on a Monday or Thursday because I won’t forego my Kettlegirls classes for anything! I would never have imagined that I would be this keen on exercise a few years back! I love the fact that the classes are so varied and you never know what to expect but you always know you’ll get a good all over workout. All of the Kettlegirls are a great bunch and the fact that so many of us keep coming back is a real testament to Beth and her classes. Thanks Beth!! xxx

I started Kettlebells just after I had my second child and I was due to get married in 11 months time May 2014. I started the level 1 class which showed you all the basic moves and techniques using a 4kg weight. After the 6 week period I went to the level 2 class where the intensity increased and I noticed I was becoming fitter and moved up to a 5kg weight. It is lovely as there are all different types of ladies of all shapes, sizes and ages just all there trying to get fit with their own personal goals. Once I went up to circuits level 3 I was lifting and swinging a 8kg weight going twice a week. In total I lost all my baby weight and more losing a total of 3.5 stone for my wedding, I had toned my arms, belly, legs bum it is a complete all over body workout. I just wanted to say thank you to Beth for helping me achieve my goal. I am the fittest healthiest I have ever been and feel great. I know I haven' t been in about 6 weeks due to work and commitments at home but I miss it so much I promise I'm coming back! Thank you Beth!! xxx

I have been there right from the start (don't know how long that is now). I have never lasted more than six weeks at any exercise class until Kettlegirls. I have never felt as fit or toned as I do now. Beth is an excellent instructor, I love her motivation, sincerity and determination to push us to succeed. Thank you Beth.

I joined Kettlegirls nearly 3 years ago and can honestly say I recommend the classes to everyone who says they want to lose weight, tone up, increase their fitness levels or try something different! Every class is different and the unknown makes you look forward to the next one! Beth and her team are brilliant at keeping you inspired and motivated and are always happy to ask questions or give advise for personal goals! I always feel like I've had a good workout- sometimes still two days later but it is all worth it! I have seen a huge change in not only my own fitness but the others I do classes with and it is amazing to see! So if you are reading this and are thinking of giving kettlegirls a try then get yourself booked on- you'll love it as much as I do!

After being fed up of the same old boring gym routine I wanted to try something a bit different. I joined Kettlegirls in May 2014 and haven't stepped foot in a gym since!
Working your way through the classes and levels teaches you all the moves you need to know for level 3 in a fun & safe way. I now go to two classes a week and love it. It's a tough workout but so rewarding. 
Thank you to Beth & Julia for helping me to feel more confident in myself and for encouraging me each week to achieve my goals & push myself that little bit further x

I've been training with Kettlegirls for almost 2 years now and have never looked back. Up until that point I always struggled to stick to any kind of excersise, but I can honestly say that I still really look forward to the classes (twice a week.) Once you have mastered the basics in Levels 1&2 you move onto circuit training, which is always varied and fun, but pushes you to your own maximum ability. I have been taught by all 3 Kettlegirls trainers and they are all extremely motivating and supportive. At 46 years old I'm am now toned all over (bingo wings gone) and have much more energy! You will see weight loss and toning results very quickly which I never saw with any other exercise.

I've been coming to kettle girls for just over a year, the first exercise class I have ever stuck with!  I started off doing 1 class a week and now try to join 2, I have also now got kettle bells at home and work out at least twice a week on my own! I have noticed a huge surge in my fitness levels over the year and my body is much more toned! Seeing and feeling  the changes spurs me on! The classes are varied I love the fact you never know what you're walking into! The girls in the class are all very friendly too! Beth is a fab instructor and really helps each person reach their goal! 
Thank you Beth!x

Kettlebell training is not just a hit locally, but also in Hollywood to!

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