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The Benefits of Kettlebells for

The kettlebell is the ultimate tool for conditioning your body, once you learn how to use it effectively through a qualified instructor. You could write a whole book on the reasons why they are so good however here are a few of the benefits of training with a kettlebell.

Kettlebell training is great for men

Kettlebell training is great for men as you build muscle whilst getting a killer cardio workout. A lot of men see cardio as a bit girly; however with kettlebell training you can now get a killer cardio workout whilst lifting heavy weights which won’t damage you ego. 

Kettlebell training is great for women

Kettlebell training is especially good for women as the basic kettlebell exercises work women’s typical problem areas which are your legs, bum, abs and hips. Not only that you burn a tremendous amount of calories training with kettlebells which is why a kettlebell is the ultimate exercise tool for women.

Kettlebell training is unrivaled for fat loss

Kettlebell training is probably the most effective exercise method for burning calories and fat loss. An hour on a treadmill or cross trainer will burn around 600 calories but through training with kettlebells you can burn up to 1500 calories in just one hour. Not only do you burn calories during your workout, you can burn calories for up to 24 hours after your workout too. Unlike any other cardio workout your body will continue to burn calories for hours after you train so results can be seen very quickly.

Kettlebells are better than machines, dumbbells and barbells for functional strength

Machines, dumbbells and barbells are all effective weight training tools, but they only ever work a single muscle or muscle group at any one time. This means that while one muscle is made stronger, all other muscles in the body are neglected. When using a machine, stabiliser muscles (the muscles that support your main muscles) are not used at all and even when using dumbells and barbells only the stabiliser muscles within one specific muscle group are used. Kettlebells are different as they make you use every single muscle in your body, making for a complete workout.  Kettlebell training strengthens more muscles than using machines, dumbells and barbells, but not only that, kettlebell training makes your body work harder, therefore enabling you to burn more calories.

Kettlebells are portable gyms

Kettlebells are a convenient and inexpensive alternative to pricey gym memberships. Very little room is required to do the kettlebell exercises and they are easily transported and stored, meaning you can work out more or less anywhere you want. 

Time saving

It is also important to note that kettlebell workouts are short and last no longer than one hour. You can have a great full body kettlebell workout in as little as 30 minutes without having to leave your house, saving you time travelling as well as it being a short but efficient workout. You can burn anywhere up to 750 calories in just 30 minutes using kettlebells or 1500 calories in one hour. Meaning long slogs on a treadmill are no longer necessary to burn calories, as it is less efficient and more time consuming than kettlebell training to burn the same amount of calories. Using kettlebells means you can achieve better results by actually spending less time working out! No piece of gym equipment offers the same level of benefits of kettlebell training.

Kettlebell training helps prevent injury and is great for injury rehabilitation

Kettlebell training not only increases cardiovascular fitness and strengthens muscles it also helps to prevent injury and can be incorporated into injury rehabilitation programmes. Kettlebell training is great for hamstrings, glutes and back which are neglected in a lot of training programmes, that’s why a lot of sportsmen and women get hamstring and back injuries. Not only are kettlebells great at preventing muscular injuries, kettlebell training strengthens the ligaments, tendons and cartilage at your joints, which helps keep your joints strong and healthy preventing injury. 

Kettlebell training provides a two in one complete full body workout

Kettlebell training combines weight training with a cardio workout, so both strength and cardiovascular fitness is improved. It is therefore more effective than other cardio workouts which do nothing to improve strength, and more effective than other methods of weight training which do little to improve your cardiovascular system. Unlike other methods of weight training such as dumbells or barbells that isolate a single group of muscles at a time, kettlebells make you use every single muscle in your body. Kettlebells therefore provide a full body workout, making you use muscles you probably never knew you had.

Kettlebell training gives you a killer cardio workout

There is no better way to get your heart racing than with kettlebell swings and snatches. Even as little as 20 kettlebell swings can get your heart pumping fast. Kettlebell training will increase your endurance and your ability to never give up more effectively than any other single form of exercise. Kettlebell training is a hard cardio workout however it is great fun unlike other forms of cardio. 

Kettlebell training builds lean muscle

Kettlebell training is famous for building lean athletic bodies. Unlike machines, dumbells and barbells which only work one muscle or muscle group, kettlebell training works pretty much every muscle in your body helping you build a symmetrical physique. If you just want size then train using heavy barbells and dumbbells but if you want a lean, symmetrical physique that is as strong on the inside as it looks on the outside then train with kettlebells.

Kettlebells are the king of core stability

A strong core is more than six-pack abs. It is your body's power zone, the beginning of all movement. Your core is vitally important to having good posture, providing stability during movement and helping your extremities do a better job during sports and everyday activities. Most people think your core muscles are just your abdominal muscles, when actually your body's core includes the muscles of the shoulders, the chest, the abdomen, the hips, the pelvis, and the upper to lower back muscles. Because of the unique shape of the kettlebell you will employ your core muscles in every single kettlebell exercise that you perform. Although though you work your core muscles in every kettlebell exercise, there are specific kettlebell exercises that target the core such as the Turkish get up and the windmill. If you want a solid core then kettlebell training is the most effective way as not only do you work your core muscles in every exercise you burn fat too.

Kettlebell training increases your flexibility

If you’re like most people you will never do any specific flexibility training. Flexibility is the most neglected component of fitness however it is just as important as any other. Poor flexibility can lead to bad posture and injuries and as you get older poor flexibility will make simple everyday tasks such as bending down difficult. With kettlebell training, you get a flexibility workout as you work in a greater range of movement than you’re used to and the exercises are functional to everyday life. The two hand swings promotes flexibility in your hamstrings and lower back whereas the snatch as well as increasing flexibility in your hamstrings and your lower back also increases flexibility in your shoulders. Kettlebell training shouldn’t be used as an alternative to specific flexibility training, however it does help to increase your flexibility unlike other forms of weight training and cardiovascular training.

Kettlebell training is great fun with lots of variety

There are thousands of exercises you can do with a kettlebell which is why they are so fun to use. Lots of people get bored after doing the same workout, even after doing it two or three times. With kettlebell training it is possible to never do the same workout twice. If you want to have fun whilst getting results, then kettlebell training is the most fun and effective way to train.

With all these benefits to kettlebell training, shouldn’t you learn how to train with them?

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