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Please email me prior to paying for your item to check stock availability.
Please note each Kettlebell is inclusive of P & P within the UK.

4kg Black Cast iron Kettlebell
The Kettlegirls classic high quality Black kettlebell. This kettlebelll has been used by us from the beginning and is an ideal weight to start your kettlebell training.
Price: £17.99
6kg Black Kettlebell
Ideal for beginners.The 6kg weight will be ideal for those progressing towards level 2.
Price: £25.99
8kg Black Kettlebell
This 8kg weight will be ideal for those progressing from Level 2 towards Level 3/ Circuit classes.
Price: £28.99
Kettlegirls Beginners Programme
Train anywhere with the Kettlegirls beginners programme. The programme is designed for ladies taking part in level 1.
Price: £15.00
Kettlegirls Advanced Programme
This programme is designed for ladies who have done the Level 1 course and are now taking part in the Level 2 or KG classes. The programme will be an ideal addition to ensure maximum results.
Price: £15.00
10kg Kettlebell
This is a great weight for those who are looking for that extra challenge!
Price: £30.99
12kg Kettlebell
Looking to take your KB training to the next level, a 12kg is a must have!
Price: £32.99
16kg Kettlebell
Wow! This is for my hardcore swingers!!
Price: £38.99

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