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Beth Cordey - Founder / Master Trainer

My name is Beth Cordey and I am a mum to two young children.  I am also a qualified Personal Trainer specialising in Kettlebell training. This wasn’t always the case!…

After the birth of both my children I was diagnosed with postnatal depression. To make matters worse I was struggling to lose the baby weight.  Stuck at home, desperate to feel better I made the decision to make use of the family gym membership that I had, but never used!

Initially I struggled with motivating myself to stick to a gym programme, I didn’t really know what exercises to do or even how to work the machines!  That’s when I introduced to Kettlebells by my local gym Manager. 

The first time I was showed  how to swing a kettlebell I was hooked! My weight dropped off and my whole body transformed!  Kettlebell was my saviour!  It quickly became my passion, so much so that I made the decision to join the fitness industry as my career.

Kettlebell is the most effective and efficient workout program I had ever done. I got more out of my workouts in less time, which is vital with young children! With compound movements that engage every muscle and work the body as one unit, I was getting strength, cardio, core, and flexibility training all at once - a benefit that cannot be achieved on any machine. In just under 6 months, I lost a total of 35lbs (2.5 stone), and dropped 3 dress sizes.  My energy levels have never been higher. 

I'm much more confident, live a very active busy life with my children, and am no longer self conscious about wearing a bikini on the beach. I got the results I wanted and FAST! I used to feel fat, now I look and feel like a fitness professional! 

Training with Kettlebells literally transformed not only my body, but my Life!  I went from being in a very dark place with PND to feeling amazing and back to health quickly.  Not only mentally, but physically I lost weight quickly and became fitter than I ever had been before.   I am now driven to share my success and help other ladies learn how to train with Kettlebells and gain the amazing health benefits that can be achieved.  I set up Kettlegirls Ltd in March 2011 and am involved in taking the ladies from Level 1 beginners through to our Level 3 circuit classes.  During the day I Personal Train ladies on a 1 to 1 basis and spend my evenings teachings classes at various local venues.

Julia Sturges - Kettlegirls Master Trainer 
Having trained with Kettlegirls for over 2 years Julia understands the challenges that you may face in reaching your fitness goals. Julia has progressed through the courses and has seen the remarkable results Kettlebell training can have.

"When I first stepped into a Kettlegirls class just under 2 years ago I had no idea how much it would transform my body, my fitness & my life. I was 39, I had gained lots of weight during both my pregnancies and having had two very large babies I felt that I was never going to get my figure back.

Although I had lost some weight with other forms of exercise it was slow going and I still felt frumpy and out of shape. After only a few months of working with the Kettlebells I found my body changing, toning up and basically beginning to look like it did before the children, in fact even better!! In less than a year I went from a size 14 to a size 10/8. My fitness levels rocketed, I felt strong healthy and confident and I have never enjoyed exercise so much.

I’m now in the absolute best shape of my life. Inspired by Beth and passionate about what working with Kettlebells can achieve, I joined the fitness industry and qualified as a Fitness Instructor and trained to teach with Kettlebells. I never thought that one little piece of kit could be so effective and so much fun."

Nicola Shaw - Kettlegirls Master Instructor

My name is Nic Shaw and I found Kettlegirls whilst trying to find a fitness class to help relieve the daily stresses of my job as a Assistant Head Teacher at a local Primary School Teacher.  Although I had always been a fairly fit and active person, I instantly noticed a difference in muscle tone and increased fitness level just from this weekly class. I was hooked!  I started coming to classes twice a week, but, sadly, due to chronic pain of the rhomboids, caused by stress and posture of my daily job, I had to take a few months off, both work and fitness.  Once I had been given the all clear by my doctor, with the instruction to strengthen my rhomboids, I came back to kettle bell training knowing that this would be the perfect tool to help me achieve this.  It was through this rehabilitation that I found a love for fitness and decided that I wanted to share this new found love with others. It was then that I made the decision to train to become a Personal Trainer and Kettlebell Instructor.  I now have the envious position of being a part time Primary School Teacher as well as being a Personal Trainer and Kettlebell Instructor. All of which I love!   I now feel that my new found balance of work and exercise has given me a ‘whole new lease on life’ and I am eager to share this knowledge and passion with others to help improve their life, just like it did mine! 

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